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Drive Efficiency at Your ASC

Bring clarity to your ASC's operative material spend through scalable physician engagement. DOCSI bridges the gap between administrative and clinician teams with our curated dashboard and leading-edge insights. 

The Problem:

ASCs are fighting an uphill battle for profitability

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are an instrumental piece of our modern healthcare environment, comprising 65% of all surgical cases performed in the U.S. every year.


Like their Hospital counter-parts, ASCs are faced with very unique challenges, including:

  • Operating costs and inflation outpacing their already compressed profit margins

  • Surgical preferences and supply utilization heavily impact bottom-line profitability.

Traditional ways of addressing this problem often involve 1-on-1 conversations between leadership teams and physicians on their supply utilization.


Non-physician staff are almost always wearing multiple hats within the organization, and finding time to tackle non-labor spend initiatives is incredibly difficult to implement let alone maintain long-term. 

The Solution:

Engage physicians at scale to improve case costs and increase margins 

Our expert team acts as a force multiplier to help you address preference item optimization and so much more.

We tackle problems around:

  • Low utilization items

  • Continuous preference card monitoring

  • Reducing clinical variation

  • Increasing contract compliance

  • So much more

DOCSI Gives Your Team Superpowers.

Our physician dashboard brings clarity to your material supply spend, giving your clinicians unparalleled insights into their preference item utilization. 

With a few quick taps they're able to make price-conscious updates directly from their phones, lowering the cost of care for your ASC.

For Physicians

Group 110.png

Clinical staff love it too! We work to seamlessly integrate and enhance your facility's current workflows. DOCSI card updates are funneled back to clinical nursing staff who then approve and implement final changes to your preference cards.

For Clinical Staff

Trusted by Healthcare Leaders

"Accurately capturing the preferences of surgeons is extremely time-consuming for staff and
administrators. Layering in cost savings opportunities in addition to this can strain surgeon
relationships and take months or years to optimize. DOCSI puts these tools into the hands of the
surgeons, turning reams of paper and hours of meetings into a few minutes of review via
mobile app
. It's common practice to add more and more items to preference cards, but staff lack
the data and perspective to know when items can be removed and needed cleanup can be ignored for years. DOCSI targets this directly and makes an immediate impact to supply chain operations and inventory levels."

Alex Grant, Administrator, Eagan Orthopedic Surgery Center

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