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Supply Chain Optimization: 

Bring clarity to your hospital's operative material spend through scalable physician engagement. DOCSI bridges the gap between supply chain and clinical teams with our curated dashboard and leading-edge insights. 


The Problem:

Operating Rooms are inefficient

Healthcare systems of all sizes are facing the same problem. Material Waste. Specifically in surgical environments.


Multiple studies have found significant waste in operating rooms:

  • 26% of single-use supplies brought into the OR are unnecessary

  • In the U.S. $5 billion of material waste is created in operating rooms each year

Traditional ways of addressing this problem often involve 1-on-1 conversations with purchasing teams and surgeons.


This method is next to impossible to scale, maintain, and gain actionable insights from.

The Solution:

Engage physicians to create a clinically integrated supply chain 

Our expert team uncovers detailed insights from your data and works with you to execute engagement campaigns tailored to your strategic objectives.

We tackle problems around:

  • Low utilization items

  • Continuous preference card monitoring

  • Reducing clinical variation

  • Increasing contract compliance

  • So much more

With DOCSI, your facility will gain unparalleled insights into your material utilization, empowering you to achieve savings at scale.

DOCSI is for Everyone.

DOCSI enhances supply chain efficiency through comprehensive insights, enabling teams to optimize resource allocation and reduce waste.


For Supply Chain


With enriched analytics and actionable insights, ensuring compliance, and fostering transparent communication with vendors has never been easier. 

For Clinical Staff

DOCSI fosters a more collaborative, transparent, and data-driven relationship between physicians and clinical teams. By streamlining surgical supply workflows, reducing administrative burdens, and promoting clinical standardization, all clinical staff benefit from DOCSI. 

For Physicians

DOCSI offers intuitive clinical insights to physicians, empowering them to make evidence-based decisions around their material usage. 

With easy-to-access dashboards, it's a breeze to make clinically relevant and price-conscious decisions that preserve patient outcomes.

For C-Suite

C-Suite teams gain end-to-end clarity into their supply chain performance. With DOCSI they can easily identify cost-saving opportunities that lead to significant financial improvements. Our team works with you to align all relevant stakeholders to achieve your strategic supply chain objectives.

Trusted by Healthcare Leaders

"DOCSI took the stress out of the card optimization. The ease of accessibility on my cellphone and intuitive, logical flow provided card optimization in minutes.

As surgeons, it is our responsibility to be a part of the solution. DOCSI makes the process extremely easy and effective."

Dr. Gene Busel,
Orthopedic Surgeon, Trauma

"DOCSI really helped us tremendously transform the one-on-one discussions to addressing many many surgeons all at the same time. 


...That saved us millions of dollars."

Tom Lubotsky, VP of Supply Chain

Allina Health

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