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CMO Dr. Pearce McCarty talks clinical innovation on Power Supply Podcast

Cole Caldwell

Jun 3, 2024

What if the key to unlocking your supply chain’s full potential has been hiding in plain sight all along, in the most unlikely place – the Operating Room?

This week on Power Supply, Dr. Pearce McCarty, orthopedic surgeon and supply chain innovator, joins us to make a compelling case for why engaging surgeons in healthcare supply chain could be the key to unlocking game-changing improvements in cost, quality, and outcomes.

He'll share eye-opening stories from his own journey into the supply chain realm and reveal the communication strategies and data-driven tactics that helped him bridge the gap between the OR and supply chain. Plus, Dr. McCarty will give us an exclusive look at how cutting-edge technologies like generative AI could revolutionize the way surgeons and supply chain teams collaborate to drive sustainable change.

Check out the full episode here!

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