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Intern Spotlight: Introducing Amber

Hi! My name is Amber and I am a rising senior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science with a minor in History of Medicine and Health. While I love the technical and problem-solving challenges Computer Science throws my way, I am also very interested in learning about and contributing towards the improvement of Public Health. 

On campus, I work for the Center For Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety, which has allowed me to make a difference in the healthcare field while getting to work with physicians and professionals from Michigan Medicine on healthcare optimization. Beyond that, I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority where I served as the chapter’s DEI chair, and have volunteered at the campus Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center since freshman year.

In my free time I enjoy thrifting, reading, traveling, and cheering on the Michigan sports teams (Go Blue!). I’m looking forward to being in Minneapolis this summer and having a

new home to explore!

What inspired you to explore internship opportunities in the startup space?

As I was thinking about what kind of internship I wanted for the summer, one thing that was at the top of my mind was the kind of place I would work in and the people I would work with. I think that a startup provides a work environment where the people are invested in the work they are doing and passionate about the goals and values of the company. Beyond the sense of community this would build, I also think working for a startup provides a unique opportunity for me to work side-by-side with people on other teams and get exposure to a variety of fields outside of engineering.

What interests you about health tech?

Before college, I had a more narrow mindset that if I wanted to be involved in the field of medicine and health, I would have to become a doctor or go into research. As I have explored my major and how it could intersect with my interest in health, I discovered there are so many ways to contribute towards improvements in health and healthcare delivery beyond being a practicing physician. Healthcare tech interests me because there are so many different avenues to explore and so many possibilities for innovation. I’m excited to be at DOCSI to get to explore one of those avenues and see the impact we can make!

What are you hoping to gain from your internship experience?

Throughout the course of the summer, I hope to gain confidence in myself as a software developer by utilizing and strengthening my technical abilities while learning more about working in the health tech industry. I’m looking forward to receiving some mentorship throughout the summer as well as getting the opportunity to learn more about the sales and marketing sides of the company!

What are your plans/aspirations post-grad?

After graduation, I am hoping to find an exciting city to settle down in and enter a software development role. I ‘m looking forward to exploring opportunities to work on advancements in scientific and medical technology or improving the provision of healthcare. Down the road, I am interested in the idea of going back to school in an area relating to Public Health!


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